2021 Artists

From the heritage of a Deep South upbringing in the staid traditions and unsettling turbulence of Montgomery, Alabama in the 50's and 60's, through her academic and studio experiences at Auburn University, to the life of a working artist and teacher; Nan's reflections upon the journey are the artistic records and deep explorations. As expressed in her own words, "it's about The Process, not The Product".

Nan Cunningham
Independent Study

Pam is deeply passionate about creating and inspiring others to create. She especially loves interesting color combinations and using everyday materials in new ways in my work. 

Pam Garrison
Mixed Media Play

Elizabeth was raised in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah. She is best known for her classically beautiful floral Still Life but also enjoys painting portraits and capturing the soul of a person. As a child, her Grandmothers would help her identify various wild flowers at their cabin above Oakley, Utah. This is where her love of flowers began. "I still have the book where I pressed and categorized wild flowers that my paternal Grandmother helped me with."

Elizabeth Robbins