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Pat Butynski Cancellation 


Due to a chronic and debilitating illness, Pat Butynski is unable to travel and to conduct classes. We all send wishes for Pat to return to good health.

We are fortunate that Jean Pederson will instruct the Acrylics / Mixed Media class. That class will be, as Pat's was, in the Activity Center.

Jean was our instructor two years ago when, due to COVID, classes were held at The Art Hous in Opelika. Jean is a wonderful painter and a creative and fun instructor. We know that everyone will enjoy her classes and learn a lot from her. You will automatically be transferred from Pat's class to Jean's. However, you may transfer to one of the other classes if space is available (waiting list for Judy Verhoeven's class), or we can issue a full refund if none of the classes suit your preference.

Thank you for your understanding and patience and we look forward to seeing you at the LAST Sarah Carlisle Towery /Alabama Art Colony!

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