Frequently Asked Questions

What supplies do I bring to Colony?



Easel light or a lamp

Drop cloths

Art supplies you normally use

Artist trading cards* if you wish to participate

Art supplies on your instructor’s checklist


IMPORTANT!  There are no art supply stores in the area so please come prepared.


Do I need to bring my own linens?


Sheets and a light blanket are provided, along with one set of bath towels.  If you'd  like, bring a set of extra towels and extra blanket.  Some  evenings can be cool.

What type attire will I need?


Artists wear their "paint clothes," an apron and will stay in these clothes most of the day. Casual attire for hot,  cool or rainy weather is best.  We never know what the weather will be like during Colony.  In the evenings many will  freshen up and change for dinner, presentations, and reception/awards night. 

Who may enter the judged art show and what is the benefit of awards?


Each attendee can enter 1 piece of art, framed or unframed. Judging is open to all mediums but, only work completely original to the artist should be entered. Your entry is to be turned in when you check in. Be sure to label the back of your entry with your name, the title of the painting and the price if it is available for sale. Prizes will be awarded for two Merit Awards. Also to be awarded, by a vote of Colony attendees, will be the Peer Award for a credit toward next year’s Colony registration fee.

I've heard about trading cards.  What do I need to do to trade?


Think small. Work small. Have fun! Artist trading cards are small works of art hand crafted by Colony attendees (no prints please) who wish to exchange their work with each other. On a designated night, at one of our evening socials, the participating artists will gather to exchange cards. Only those who make cards can take part. No cards can be sold. Artist trading cards are a fun way to own a piece of your colleague’s artwork at no cost. So start painting! Make your cards before you arrive. Bring 12 trading cards. You can buy blank trading cards at Hobby Lobby and other art supply stores. Or you can make your own on watercolor paper, card stock or illustration board cut into 2.5″ x 3.5″ sheets. On the back of each card, be sure to sign your name and print the title of the piece and your contact information.