Sarah Carlisle Towery Alabama Art Colony
Post Office Box 204

Alexander City, AL  35011



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In 1992 Sarah Towery’s children gave her a birthday gift to celebrate her life’s dedication to art. They invited a few of her artist friends to join her at Lake Martin to paint. And the rest is history! The friends were given a place to stay, and by the end of the week it was obvious, this magical experience of friendship and creativity had to continue, so the Sarah Carlisle Towery Art Colony on Lake Martin was born.


What began as a birthday get-together among friends soon grew to be a gift shared with artists from around the country. Now known as the Sarah Carlisle Towery/Alabama Art Colony, this special gathering provides artists with a spectacular lakeside retreat where they can come together for several days, during one of the most beautiful times of year, to devote themselves completely to learning and painting, without the interruptions of everyday life.


We hope you will join us. Be part of this special experience of creating, sharing ideas, enjoying good times with other artists and learning through the inspiring guidance of renowned instructor artists. It could be the best gift you ever give yourself!

Colony is an awesome experience!

 Enjoy the video below and catch the spirit of colony.


Troy Crisswell

Greg Skaggs

Julie Hutchison

Susan Dieh

Moe Brooker

Dawn Whitelaw

Nancy Chaboun
Richard Mills
Nan Cunningham
Peggi Kroll-Roberts
Sue St. John
Colley Whisson
Angus Macpherson
Qiang Huang
Holly Roberts
Hugh Williams
Harry Ally
Dot Turnipseed Svendson
Roger Dale Brown
Patt Odom
Darius Hill
Randy Moberg
Annie Waters
Randy Efros
Mary Nunn

Daphne Grimsley (choral)
Teresa Akamatsu (choral)
Patricia Cole – Ferullo
Tommy Moorehead
Teresa Akamatsu (choral)
Lonnie Rich
Ann Bell (writing)
Jake Wagnon
Perry Austin
Donnie Finley
Roz Farbush
Clark Walker


Colony Supporters